Hologic Diagnostic Asset Hub FAQs

Got questions? Find your answer here! If you still need help, contact us.

What is the Hologic Diagnostic Asset Hub?

The Hologic Diagnostic Asset Hub is an online collateral marketplace designed to empower labs to create customized solutions for promoting their testing services. We conveniently provide comprehensive diagnostic marketing and educational materials online.

Why should our facility use the Hologic Diagnostic Asset Hub?

We created this turn-key solution not only as a service to help you grow your business and raise awareness of proper diagnostic testing guidelines, but also to help strengthen your partnerships with healthcare providers by communicating accurate, scientifically based and clinically proven, information about the panel of tests you offer.

What's included with the Hologic Diagnostic Asset Hub?

The Hologic Diagnostic Asset Hub includes an expanding range of marketing materials that allow you to:

  • Engage physicians
  • Educate front-desk and administrative staff
  • Raise awareness among your facility's patients and in the wider community
  • Personalize some of downloadable materials to include your facility's branding.

Materials are available for free download and non-customized materials are available for free print ordering.

Are materials available in other languages?

Yes! Some materials are available in Spanish.

How do I personalize the marketing materials?

For the assets that allow for personalization, you will click “Download Now” to receive the PDF version. This PDF version is set up to be personalized from there. Look out for the “editable” icon to easily tell which materials are able to be personalized.

What kinds of personalization can I add?

Personalization options include Name, Facility, Full Address, Phone, Website URL, your logo, and which assays your lab offers. Not all materials offer personalization and some materials only offer partial personalization.

Why do my personalized materials have markings around the border?

Some personalized materials include crop marks and bleed around the customizable materials so you can send them directly to your printer without having to edit the files further for professional printing. If you would like to print these materials yourself, you can set your printer to exclude them by adjusting "Scale to Fit" options in your print settings.

What if we need help choosing materials or learning how to personalize them?

Your customer service concierge is available to support you via email (DiagnosticAssets@hologic.com). However, most site program participants find the website as easy to use and self-explanatory as today's shopping sites.

How can my facility access the Hologic Diagnostic Asset Hub?

We've created a simple process for verifying and setting up user accounts:

  1. Your facility may have received an invite link via a program enrollment postcard/email that your account executive sent, or you found us online yourself.
  2. Request access by providing information about you and your lab, including the company name, shipping address, and email.
  3. A link will be sent to the email you signed up with for you to verify it.
  4. Then we will double check that you are one of Hologic’s partners. Once verified, you will receive a welcome email letting you know that you have been approved.

You’ll then have access to the Hologic Diagnostic Asset Hub and can begin ordering or downloading materials.

Is it possible to have multiple users and locations?

Yes! Multiple people from a lab can sign up and each account can ship to multiple addresses after signing up.

Why has my account not been approved?

At this time, we are only offering access to our lab partners and there may be a few days delay while we verify your request. If you are part of a lab that works with Hologic, please double check that you signed up using information tied to the lab (such as the lab name, lab address, and work email) as we use that to verify your account. If you still haven’t been approved, please reach out to your local account executive or email us at DiagnosticAssets@hologic.com

Can we make changes to materials that we download?

All downloadable materials are delivered as high-resolution PDFs. With the exception of areas that can be personalized, the materials cannot be altered to protect the integrity of the document.

Will resources on the website be updated, and will we be notified of updates?

We will continue to add new product offerings to the Hologic Diagnostic Asset Hub. Check the site frequently for updates, and we encourage you to email your suggestions for collateral marketing materials to DiagnosticAssets@hologic.com. You'll also receive periodic emails about new marketing materials, tips for how to use them most effectively, and other relevant updates.